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IDI Loses, Citizens Win

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Great news for everyone!

I just received a call from Renee Ferretti ,the neighborhood lawyer, who petitioned IDI’s appeal along with Lower Nazareth’s and Palmer’s Solicitors, Gary Asteak  and Chuck Bruno on November 27th. The Court of Common Pleas heard the case and Judge Kim McFadden had 90 days to return a verdict. The court upheld all but one condition  Lower Nazareth’s placed on IDI!!
IDI does not have to do another  traffic study but all other conditions would have to be met, including the big problem for IDI…time constraints! e could only hope that IDI crawls away  from this location now, considering the state of the economy,  but they do have 30 o appeal to a higher court.  I’ll keep you posted.  Email me if you are interested in viewing the decision and I’ll let it to you when I receive it on line.
Needless to say, a BIG congrats and THANK YOU  go out to Renee, Gary & Chuck and a BIG thank you again to the Lower Nazareth board for all the time & consideration they gave to all of us fighting to preserve the quality of our lives!

So far, so Good :)   See attachment for celebration information.


Celebration Gathering

IDI Approved – With Conditions

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

I was unable to attend the Feb 27, 2008 LNT Board of Supervisors meeting due to prior commitments. However, based upon this mornings news articles I find myself in the unusual position of praising the Board of Supervisors for their actions.

As required (by law) the Board granted the conditional use, but not without imposing some very reasonable conditions which limit the hours of operation to 6:00am – 10:00pm; require additional barriers to sound, lights and noise; and require IDI to conduct a traffic and environmental impact study before a site plan will be approved.

Kudos also to the residents of Palmer and Lower Nazareth Townships who showed up in force at over eight meetings and hearings to voice their concerns.

5000 Trips A Day

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Hanoverville Rd in Lowewr Nazareth TownshipDon’t forget the three huge traffic generating warehouses Greenfield Development has pending west of Dutch Springs.  These are going to add thousands more vehicle trips per day!  They are proceeding! Some of the history and back up data is available in Archived Documents.  You might also want to read some of the old news articles to refresh your memory on this nightmare of a project.

In Search Of

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

In search of MONEY our Board of Supervisors and Township Mgr. have allowed us to virtually become a warehousing district.  More warehouses are going in, see recent News articles for the most recent additions. What do we hear at the Supervisors Meetings? – “There’s not much we can do.” – No, not now, but the Zoning Ordinances COULD have been changed after the first warehouse was submitted.   A review and modification of existing ordinances could have avoided the quagmire we (LNT) find ourselves in.  For example Bethlehem Township in the description of the intent of its Light Industrial District (LI) Zoning states: “To avoid unusually large warehouse/distribution centers that generate very high amounts of tractor-trailer traffic and consume large areas of land, while generating relatively few jobs.” The excerpt and complete Zoning Ordinance are available on the LNTCF web site.