In Search Of

In search of MONEY our Board of Supervisors and Township Mgr. have allowed us to virtually become a warehousing district.  More warehouses are going in, see recent News articles for the most recent additions. What do we hear at the Supervisors Meetings? – “There’s not much we can do.” – No, not now, but the Zoning Ordinances COULD have been changed after the first warehouse was submitted.   A review and modification of existing ordinances could have avoided the quagmire we (LNT) find ourselves in.  For example Bethlehem Township in the description of the intent of its Light Industrial District (LI) Zoning states: “To avoid unusually large warehouse/distribution centers that generate very high amounts of tractor-trailer traffic and consume large areas of land, while generating relatively few jobs.” The excerpt and complete Zoning Ordinance are available on the LNTCF web site.

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