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Money Stays Local

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

Township Manager Tim Tenges asked for a vote to move the Pension funds if he decides, as Pension Administrator,  that it’s the right thing to do. Mr. Murphy asked what the advantages were in moving to Philadelphia Trust – were the rates or fees lower? The answer is basically none except Timm likes these two guys. It appears that the rates and fees for Philadelphia Trust Co. are higher, but Felcheck and Spangler (spelling?) were willing to match the fee schedule at National Penn (formerly KNBT) to get the business. A motion authorizing the move of funds failed with Mr. Kucsan and Mr. Nagle voting to move the money, and Mr. Murphy and Mr. Dilsaver voting against. Mr. Johnson was absent.

Timm might be on a mission, he didn’t get his way, he might try to persuade Mr. Ricky Johnson to align with him and ask for another vote.  We’ll have to wait and see.

Lower Nazareth – Says No to Vettes and Camelot for Kids

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Under Courtesy of the Floor during the April 9th, 2008 Lower Nazareth Board of Supervisors Meeting; the Supervisors heard from the Corvette Club of Easton who were represented by Mr. Charles Gordon.

Basically the Corvette Club has been holding “Cruise Nights” for the past eleven years at Northampton Crossings without incident; with all proceeds going to Camelot for Children (a great charity.) The local retail stores see increased sales during the events and support it’s continuation according to Mr. Gordon.

Now the township staff tell them they can’t anymore. That is unless they will buy a permit, move to the Burger King parking lot, and cut the show in half. Early on Tenges comments were that they (staff) were looking for guidance from the Board on how to handle these type requests, near the end of the presentation (when it looked like the Supervisors had some sympathy for the Club) Tenges said it’s not for the Board to decide, it’s a zoning issue.

The Supervisors thanked he Corvette Club for coming and noted Camelot for Kids is a good charity (but they took no action nor made any recommendations) after Tenges’ comments.

It’s sad, that’s what it is. Rather then deal with the offenders and/or the undesirables the Twp. Staff just say no to all and try to blame that on the “rules.”

Cruise nights are great family entertainment and an American tradition – but let’s not have any of that in Lower Nazareth – hey maybe the Club would like to put up a warehouse?

More Money Matters

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

During Managers Comments slot at the 04/09/08 LNT Supervisors Meeting , Tim Tenges stated he wanted to move the Townships pension assets from National Penn (formerly KNBT) to Philadelphia Trust Co. He stated he wasn’t asking the Supervisors for a decision tonight, was just giving a heads up. Felcheck and Spangler (spelling?) of Philadelphia Trust Co. gave Tenges a presentation and he said he liked it. Tenges did not provide any information about the presentation or benefits/risks to the Township of making the change. Maybe he will before the Supervisors vote on it?

Other then telling the Board he wants to move the money what information did he provide to permit any kind of intelligent decision?