Local Elections

Excerpt copied from News Over Coffee (NOC) regarding running for local office. Go to the NOC site to see all the details.  There is also a link providing details about the informational session organized by the League of Women Voters.


If you want to see a difference in government – get involved in local government. Municipal and school board seats often go uncontested or are left vacant, yet the decisions they make have the most immediate impact on our daily lives.

Most people aren’t sure how to run for office or what they must do, fortunately it is not that difficult. Two years ago I ran a program and had about thirty-forty attend. This year the League of Women Voters is holding an event at the Community College and they asked me to alert people about it.

I noticed they are charging a fee, which I’m not particularly fond of, and while I don’t have time to run another Resident to Candidate event, I’ll try to get information up on the site so individuals can get all the relevant information.”

The above was copied from the NOC site.

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